Open marketing software - Mautic

Probably every person who owns an email address today is already a recipent to at least one newsletter. One of the most profitable marketing channel are actually, the newsletters. Studied have shown that email distribution gives 40 times return of investment per dollar spent.
Great level of integration
Integrations with CRM, social media, wordpress and many others can make more meaningful connections.
Open Source Advantage
Mautic has zero license cost. You get all the functionality of an Open Marketing Software Platform.
Build customer relationship
By adding a questionnaire to your newsletter you can establish a dialogue with customers.
Increase leads and sales
Your company most likely has a website. A newsletter plays an integral role in driving traffic to your site.

We are here to give you everything you need to completely use Mautic


We have predefined and secured servers to host the platform for you.

Mail system

Integrated with our provider you can send up to 10k emails in 24h.


We can guide you on how to build marketing emails and automations.

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Local setup

We can install, configure and offer support on you own setup or hosting.

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