Moodle Learning Management System

Why should I use a learning management system? We are moving almost everything in the digital world. If you're responsible for the training in your company or your organisation, you know what a hassle old fashioned paper brings along.
Effective Learning Assessment
Moodle Learning Management System is a centralized source for information distribution and education
Open Source Advantage
Moodle has zero license cost, but with all the functionality of a branded E Learning Management System.
Easy tracking & reporting
With an LMS you can easily track the progress of your students. You can create automated courses and generate reports.
Scalable Content Delivery
All training materials, resources, development plans and assessment results are stored on a single platform.

We are here to give you everything you need to completely use Moodle


We have predefined and secured servers to host the platform for you.


Branding Moodle with your logo and preferences.


Being a complex platform, we can train users to benefit from it.

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Login integration

Ease access with Microsoft, Google or Facebook account login.

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On premises setup

Having an old server that you don’t use? Why not install Moodle on it.

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